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We are launching our most demanded courses — UI/UX Design from Scrath and Front-End Development in a brand new format. You will take an extended course online and be able to start a career in IT. All you need is time and ultimate motivation. We are rooting for you!

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Why Beetroot Academy?

Beetroot Academy is a Swedish-Ukrainian IT school that helps people step up their careers. We teach intensive IT courses in a friendly atmosphere and care for each and every student.

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Front-End Development

5 months · beginner

We teach you how to make sites. We will explain how a browser works, how to put into practice HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6). Our teachers will explain how to repeat framework steps. They will tell how the Gulp/webpack works (it’s a tool for collecting applications). You will learn tools for accelerating development. And you will use the newest rules which will soon become standards.

You will work on projects by yourself and in teams. As a result, you will create some sites and an application. Also you will be able to make up sites adapted for mobile devices. After the course ends you will have a portfolio which will help you to start a career as a developer.

What skills will you get?

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Git
  • JavaScript
  • responsive web design
  • preprocessors
  • Gulp/webpack
  • Bootstrap

Full course description


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Module 1


20 topics
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Module 2


14 topics
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Module 3


10 topics
course second
UI/UX Design from scratch

5 months · beginner

In this course you will begin to know UI from UX. You will learn the difference between digital design and printed products design. You will learn the ageless principles of composition, typography, and color combinations. As a result you will be able to build adaptive sites for different devices.

We will teach you how to work with Adobe Photoshop and Figma. Also, we will tell you about the main stages of design thinking. As a result, you will make an appealing and usable website and will be able to show your project to the customer.

What skills will you get?

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Figma
  • color
  • composition
  • typography
  • modular grids
  • adaptive websites

Full course description


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Module 1


7 topics
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Module 2


7 topics
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Module 3


11 topics
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Module 4


11 topics
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Module 5

Consultation for the graduation project

5 topics
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Module 6

Career counseling for the designer.СV

3 topics
What will you get from the course?
  • Practical classes that feature some elements of SCRUM: sprint planning and retrospective with your teacher; stand-ups, 1 on 1 discussions.
  • English lessons: work in pairs with a student of your level.
  • A Q&A session with your teacher at the end of each module.
  • Work with a mentor regularly
  • Self-tuition — 10 hours a week.
  • A month of mentor and HR consultant support after graduation.
  • Introduction to the IT community of Ukraine, lectures and workshops from Beetroot Academy speakers, including international events.
Who will guide you through the course:


an experienced specialist from the field selected by our HR team.



a junior/middle developer who can answer all of your questions outside of the class and also help you build a personal course roadmap.

Educational Manager

Educational Manager

will get you started with online studying, help eliminate all fears, and get the most from the course.

Regional Coordinator

Course author

will hold a webinar about the profession in IT and answer your questions about the course.

HR Manager

HR Manager

will give a lecture on how to compose a CV and pass an interview. You will have a chance to have a test interview and receive some constructive feedback.

Course author

Regional Coordinator

will make sure your studying process is smooth and comfortable.

What do students say about us?

Online format is much more convenient in many ways. First of all, it's portable, and you can study practically anywhere. Secondly, there's no need to rush for your lesson, especially if you live quite far. And lastly, when your lesson ends at 9-9:30 pm, you can rest right away instead of commuting home for another hour.

Denys Bobrov

Student, Front-End, Mykolaiv:

Here is what your week of studies will look like:

course training


webinars and online meetings with IT-companies


English lesson


course training



individual work and meeting with a mentor


Tuition fee

You have two payment options available:


Pay for the course after being employed. After finding a job in IT, you would pay us installments of 16% of your monthly income for 2 years


One-time payment of €1000 upfront

How to enroll

We select best of the best, so you will be studying in a competitive environment:

Register in our LMS and take the test.

Send us your CV and cover letter.

Come to an interview with your Regional Coordinator and the team.

Final stage — a qualification test task.


  • Do you provide any employment assistance after the course?


    Beetroot Academy alumni work for over 200 IT companies. Roughly 1% of all IT specialists in Ukraine used to be our students. The course will give you all the knowledge needed to find a job. Now we're interested in your employment more than ever. Several specialists will be working with you during the course. After graduating you will be able to find a new job — we believe in you.

  • Can I sign up for offline Beetroot Academy courses in my city?


    Beetroot Academy takes great care of the students' health. We have put our offline group formation on hold due to the quarantine and switched to the online format. Once the quarantine is over, we will get back to our cosy schools with homelike atmosphere. Keep an eye on our news and updates.

  • What tech base do I need for studying?


    You will need a computer to organize a workspace. A second monitor will be an advantage. If there's no chance to have one — we will explain how to connect a TV/projector, or help you optimize your work with one computer.

  • How do you select students?


    The selection process is quite strict since we strive to choose the most motivated and promising students. The stages include a basic knowledge entry test, a CV+cover letter, an interview, and a test task. No worries, you will be studying with the best.

  • What is the average salary of a Junior IT specialist in Ukraine?


    According to the survey, the average monthly wage of a Junior developer starts from $500.

  • Is it hard to study online?


    We already have some positive experience with online education. Before the course starts, you will attend a webinar, where we will explain how to organize remote studies efficiently. All the lessons are recorded, we use some gamification, and the students get ultimate support from the teacher and groupmates. Our teachers make sure to comment on all their actions during the lessons and answer any questions. If you go behind on some topics — there's always a mentor to assist you with catching up. Studying online is a great opportunity to find out whether working in IT suits you.

Any questions left?

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